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Name:Magi: The Labyrinth of Kink
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:An 18+ kink meme for Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
Welcome to Magi: Labyrinth of Kink, a Magi kink meme!


1. The Labyrinth of Kink is an 18+ Community.
2. You do not need a dreamwidth account to participate in the Labyrinth of Kink.
3. The Labyrinth of Kink does not support or allow wank of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to: character bashing, ship bashing, kink bashing, or personal attacks on a prompter or filler of any kind. Any activity of this sort will be frozen immediately, and instigators will receive one warning. Second infractions will result in an IP Ban.
4. The Labyrinth of Kink encourages (but does not require) the use of a pre-fill content tagging system. The full list of tags and the guidelines for their use can be found here.
5. Content provided to fill prompts should be created new for the Labyrinth of Kink, but recc'ing people over to similar pre-existing content is allowed.
6. While they are not the FOCUS of the kink meme, gen fills are allowed.
7. While not required, it is good etiquette to comment back and thank people who fill your prompts. They made you something nice, so show them some love!

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alihaku, alikou, alimor, fanart, fanfic, juhaku, jukou, kink, kink meme, magi, magi: the labyrinth of magic, sinali, sinja
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